REELCOOP (REnewable ELectricity COOPeration) is a EU/FP7 funded project aiming to develop renewable electricity generation technologies and promoting cooperation between EU Partner Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries, which started in 1 September 2013, with a duration of 4.5 years.


  • still 1.1 billion people (15%) live without electricity, with 2/3 in rural areas of Africa and Asia (2013 data)
  • since 1990 the progress has been modest, and to achieve “electricity for everyone” by 2030, the expansion rate has to double
  • in developed countries electricity demand is higher than supply and prices are increasing at high rates
  • overall, only 18% of the electricity comes from renewable sources; 20% in EU (2012 data) 

What is REELCOOP (in a nutshell)

  • development, construction, testing and demonstration of 3 different renewable electricity systems: a building integrated PV system (ventilated façade), a hybrid (solar/biomass) micro-cogeneration ORC system, and a hybrid concentrating solar / biomass mini-power plant
  • organisation of Workshops on Renewable Electricity technologies, open to junior researchers and outside public
  • technology transfer and dissemination regarding the developed technologies
  • cooperation and exchange of information with other ongoing EU-funded projects