Paper on PV grid integration published in CDER journal (Revue des Energies Renouvelables)

Qualité de la tension au point d’injection du système photovoltaïque du CDER 

- Abstract -

This work presents in the field of monitoring of the power quality in the low voltage (LV) distribution network. Its aims to establish a diagnosis of the voltage quality analysis at the common connection point (PCC) of the CDER’s grid connected PV system. The frequency, the level and the individual harmonic of the voltage were evaluated according to the European standard EN 50160 of Cenelec which defines the voltage characteristics in the public LV distribution networks. The results show that the analyzed parameters agree with this given standard. In addition, the impact of the PV production on the level and the total harmonic distortion factor of the three-phase voltage at the PCC was evaluated. The voltage quality of the integration of PV energy into the LV electrical network represents a valuable advantage.

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