Paper on P2 from SolarPACES2018 Conference published in the AIP Conference Proceedings 2019

Performance analysis of a hybrid solar/biomass power plant for different operating scenarios

- Abstract -

Performances of a hybrid CPC/biomass system coupled to an ORC power block are investigated on a minute-by-minute basis for four representative days of the year under different operating modes. Furthermore, influence of the considered solar radiation threshold value for operating the solar field in the hybrid mode was investigated through na energy performances comparison of two alternatives. Research findings showed that the hybrid mode allow a significant improvement of the thermal and electrical output (143-446%) and efficiencies of the plant’s components (8,8-9,8 % for the solar field and 26-48% for the ORC) relatively to the solar mode, with a slight decrease of the thermal efficiency in comparison to the biomass mode (2,9-4,5 %). On the other hand, results showed that the choice of the solar radiation threshold for operating the solar field in the hybrid mode can have non-negligible impacts on the performances of the plant.