Three novel prototype systems were developed and tested in REELCOOP.

The 3 novel prototype systems are representative of both micro-scale (distributed) and large-scale (centralised) approaches to electricity generation: prototypes 1 and 2 are representative of typical micro-generation systems, while prototype 3 is representative of a large-scale power plant on a reduced scale.

The development of the 3 prototypes contributed to bring to the market energy efficient, renewable electricity generation systems. The environmental sustainability and economics of the prototype systems were assessed, and the results obtained were and will be disseminated to industry and research, as proof-of-concept of renewable electricity generation solutions.

Prototype 1 – solar PV ventilated façade (7 kW electrical output):
Prototype 2 – hybrid solar/biomass micro-cogeneration ORC system (6 kW el. out.):
Prototype 3 – hybrid CSP solar/biomass mini-power plant (60 kW electrical output):